Wednesday Night Ministry


Our Wednesday evening groups are split into several ministry opportunities.

First, our Pastor, has a very informative Bible study for anyone who is searching for answers about what it means to be a Christian. He is sharing from the Bible as well as from personal experience the victories and struggles of a new life in Christ. Questions from anyone are encouraged and answers will be given. This time is very informal with light refreshments being served.


Second, a time of tutoring is also available and offered to those in our church who have children that may be struggling with their school work. We have expertise in helping in the areas of reading, math and science skills. Adults, as well as both high-school and college graduates are avavilable to help in this area.


Third, we presently have some of our ladies sewing aprons that will be taken to Guatemala by our group that is going there in June. Many aprons are needed and many more seamstresses are needed. If you can help, please join us on Wednesday evenings at 7.


Fourth, we have some in our adult group that go together to visit different ones of our congregation. They visit in the home, hospitals or nursing facilities.

Together, these ministries have added a valuable dimension to our overall ministry strategy to Love God and Love People.